What is the Box jellyfish?

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Box Jellyfish
by Clara/ on 18 Sep 2021

What is the Box jellyfish?

The Box jellyfish, also known as sea wasps or marine stingers, is much more dangerous than other species of their kind. They carry venom that can shut down the human nervous system when coming into contact. They can be found in the Indian -Pacific Ocean.

What makes the Box Jellyfish Different?

What makes the Box Jellyfish dangerous is that divers or swimmers are not able to see them as they are pale and transparent, they are also highly advanced than the other kind of their species as they can move rather than just drift in the water and have eyes on the sides of their bells.

Their tentacles grow from each corner of the bell and can grow up to 10 feet in length. Each tentacle has stinging cells which average about 5000 and can be triggered in the presence of its prey. As compared to other jellyfish, these ones hunt their prey actively which means they move rapidly chasing after small fish.

Protection From Box Jellyfish When Swimming

When swimming or diving you can take precautions to avoid getting stung by box jellyfish. Swimming in full-body suits made out of lycra as well as wearing pantyhose can act as protective wear against those tentacles. Also, make sure to check the waters in which you want to swim or dive to make sure that it’s not an area known for jellyfish.