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Pet Shop

Pet shop

Pets bring fun and joy into our lives. It is, therefore, critical to treat them well and select their food, suppliers and other accessories carefully. An online pet shop offers a convenient and quick place to shop. Online stores ensure cheap delivery to the whole of Ireland. If this sounds like something you would like, our pet shop has plenty to offer you!

At jellyfish we have been established since 2011 and are well on our way to becoming the leading online pet store in Ireland. We are dedicated to ensuring that your pets receive only the best products and service, and exceptional pet care advice. There is a team of highly knowledgeable and trained staff in all aspects of pet care ready to answer your queries. We also offer links to specialists in specific animal care and aquatics.

If you ever have questions about getting a pet or pet care, be sure to get in touch with us over the contacts at the bottom of this page. We will bring you decades of collective years of pet store knowledge.

On this platform, you will find information about:

The most popular pet food and accessory brands.

Health and advice for both you and your pet.

How to get a
pet in Ireland.

A Pet Shop Where You Find the Perfect Accessories

A comfortable, orthopaedic dog bed, a practical dog bowl, and a sturdy lead and collar are essentials dog owners can’t do without  jellyfish  offers leads to a large assortment of dog training accessories and toys to keep your active friend busy. Do not forget to check out the full range of travel crates, kennels and cages for when you are on the move.

For the cat lover, the right litter tray and cat litter can help keep interiors tidy. There is also the option of a suitable scratching post or tree that will keep a cat contended for hours. A comfortable cat bed can ensure your cat is relaxed. Give your outdoor kitten the joy of exploring the neighbourhood but still keep tabs on their location with a microchip cat flap.

Accessories PETS
Accessories PETS

Choose the Right Pet Food

Supplies Pet Food
Pet Food

From dogs to cats to fish, we love our pets. Always select a “complete” feed that is tested and designed to meet the full nutritional requirements of your pet. Any food products with “supplemental” labelling are considered treats that are fed in addition to nutritious food. Make sure that you read and understand the ingredient list on any food products before buying.

Feline and canine pets must have one or two protein sources and are usually listed first. The meal, such as fish, beef, or chicken, is normally first on the ingredient list. Meal refers to the protein that is dehydrated and processed. Unprocessed and whole protein, such as a de-boned chicken, will usually be listed in the top spot. Food for herbivores such as rabbits must contain a high fibre content food first.

What Our Customers Say

You Might Need a Nursery for Pets

People will go on trips, they have the option of taking along their pets or leaving them at home alone. However, leaving a pet home on its own is not the easiest of choices for many pet parents. The next best option is daycare services at a pet shop. Daycare helps improve the quality of life of your pet in a nurturing, fun and safe environment.

The number of services and products available at a pet shop are virtually endless.
We provide you with a wealth of practical advice and information on all aspects of pet parenting. The blog section will keep you updated on the latest developments and news from the team at Jellyfish. Find an overview of all the current special offers and never miss another great promotion!

Nursery for Pets
Nursery for Pets

Frequently Asked Questions

You can keep different pets at home. These include dogs, cats, ferrets, birds, rabbits and rodents. According to the Irish Pet Advertising Advisory Group (IPAAG), it’s important you research and fully understand the requirements of exotic pets. These are pets such as hedgehogs, chinchilla, snakes and foxes. Make sure you have the relevant paperwork such as a Dangerous Wild Animals License and CITES registration.

This depends on the pet shop you approach. Shops that focus on fish have a large variety compared to pet shops that have dogs, cats, mice and more. This means that a fish store is likely to have your fish in stock and will just plop yours into a tank with the same species.

While it is a basic life form, the jellyfish is one of the most interesting aquatic creatures to watch. However, their upkeep is more challenging compared to other marine life forms. But you can keep a jellyfish as a pet as long as you create and maintain the right environment.

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