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Essential Pet Supplies for Your New Furry Friend

You are hunting for the right cat or dog to adopt from a shelter. Or you are waiting to bring a precious family member from the breeder. No matter the case, it is time to shop for pet supplies online so your pet has everything they require from their first day at home. If this is your first time as a pet parent, the process can seem overwhelming. But proper preparation for all your pet’s needs is all that is required. Next, you can focus on acclimating them to the new environment and training.

You must create a great first impression on your pet. After all, how does it feel if someone forced you to wear horrendous shoes? Getting the wrong type of food or collar size is much more offensive. The right pet supplies will make your new furry friend feel welcome and comfortable. So, what do you need?

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Pet Food

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Pet Accessories

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Get Help From the Pet Supplies Store on the Food Part

Food that your pet has been eating and should eat are two different things. In your excitement, it is easy to shop for the most expensive or recommended pet supplies – but things can go wrong. A new brand of food might be good for your pet, but it does not know that. It might stare at it, investigate with its paw, but not eat.

Instead, get the same type and brand of food the pet is used to eating to help it adjust to life with you. You can gradually change the food or diet to a healthier choice recommended by a vet. Food is a basic requirement, right between shelter and water. Make sure you purchase a week’s worth of animal feed to ensure a smooth adjustment process. Get plenty of treats too.

Consider the Pet’s Shelter

For pets that stay inside an aquarium or a terrarium, make sure you get a decent size that allows the animal to grow into it. Doing this helps save money instead of purchasing another one as the animal grows. Some units have accessories such as temperature control and filters. Also, pick shelters that are easy to clean.

The right shelter is critical. A horse would not be comfortable in your garage just as an eel will be in a gallon tank. Investigate the right shelter type for your pet and ensure it is safe. Some animals like to gnaw and can break out of their hutches or cages if you choose the wrong materials. If using a temporary wood shelter, make sure it is a type that will not harm the pet.

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Shop the Right Accessories

There are specific food bowl designs and types depending on how long an animal’s muzzle is. Even water dispensers for your caged pet should be the right type for your pet’s drinking style and cage. Pet accessories are never complete without harnesses and leashes. There are different types for dogs, cats and other pets. Try getting one that is as close as possible to what your new pet is used to.

Make sure that you get the animal’s identification updated at the pet shop. Some dogs and cats might try running away or will panic and run away when they get to their new home. Stock up on other pet supplies such as toys and treats. Include grooming supplies in your shopping list. These include dental sticks, dry shampoo, detangling shampoo, certain scissors, special combs and more.