Kids and Pets. Only good can come of it.

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Pets Teach Children
by Clara/ on 03 Nov 2022

Kids and Pets. Only good can come of it.

Let’s face it, a new pet in any home could make anyone with half a heart get the feeling of the fuzzies in zero seconds flat. Pets just have that effect on most humans. But introducing your young child to their own pet could have life-changing outcomes that no money can buy.

Pets are often all the therapy kids need

We all remember our very first pet. Caring for that little Goldfish or Hamster was the first experience most of us had in not becoming selfish human beings. Even if mom or dad had to remind us to feed Hammy and clean his cage often, after a while it became second nature.

Our first pets were also, without us knowing, our very first therapists. You could tell Hammy anything and he did not judge. He just listened and understood without saying a word. Almost like the “how does that make you feel?” of a modern-day therapist. No couch is needed and no medical bills.

A house with pets is a happy, healthy house

When children get their very first pet, be it a dog a cat or even a lizard, they will learn to become selfless, caring healthy adults. They will learn to love and trust unconditionally. They will also learn to communicate their feelings. A pet companion is truly the friend every child needs.