Zip Zap Dog Mat in Black/Gray

Zip Zap Dog Mat in Black/Gray
Brand: Rexproduct
Color: black
Size: 8.0 H x 80.0 W x 54.0 D cm
83.21 GBP
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Soft, cozy and very comfortable bed for a pet in the form of a mattress in the Med version. The bed as a contribution has viscoelastic foam. This type of foam is very stable and returns to its original shape (memory effect). Thanks to the foam properties, the bed adapts to the shape of the dog’s body. The bed provides optimal lying comfort - prevents pressure sores and relieves the spine and joints of the pet. ZIP ZAP bed has an additional replaceable mat with the possibility of frequent washing in the washing machine, without having to remove the entire cover. Thanks to this, the bed is kept clean, it does not accumulate hair and unpleasant odors. The soft insert, made of one block of polyurethane foam, is resistant to deformation and distortion. Optimal solution also for larger and more massive pets. Universal colors and simple design make the ZIP ZAP bed suitable for any interior. The lightweight and easy to carry mattress is the perfect solution for a car, transporter or dog cage. Product features: Very comfortable and functional dog bed. adapts to the dog’s body shape. relieves the spine and joints of the pet. Made of durable materials: Oxford codura (sides) and viscoelastic foam block (memory effect) and polypropylene nonwoven (bottom). Universal colors and simple design, matching many interiors. Replaceable zipper mat allows frequent laundering of the most vulnerable part of the bed. Optimal cleanliness and hygiene. Non-slip bottom