Cruise Pet Cage

Cruise Pet Cage
Brand: Archie & Oscar
Color: brown
Size: 80.0 H x 101.0 W x 71.0 D cm
419.99 GBP
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This sturdy dog cage + barrier is both a practical pet box and a decorative piece of furniture. The rustic dark brown design harmonises beautifully with the rest of the furnishings, e.g. in the living room. Thanks to the large wooden surface, it is very suitable as a side table or storage surface. In addition, it is possible to unfold the cage to create a practical dog gate, which can be unfolded as needed to make parts of the home inaccessible to your dogs. The sturdy grid has a lockable door and is completely break -out -proof. The removable black plastic tray allows for quick and easy cleaning of the dog crate.