Mapleton 20 x 18 Ft Tongue and Groove Log Cabin

Mapleton 20 x 18 Ft Tongue and Groove Log Cabin
Brand: Shire Sheds
Color: brown
Size: 250.0 H x 603.0 W x 554.0 D cm
13699.99 GBP
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This amazing Mapleton 20 x 18 Ft. Tongue and Groove Log Cabin has a gorgeous veranda with a shady overhang. There are endless possibilities with this building and you will enjoy the extra space it provides. This top-quality log cabin has 44mm interlocking, high-grade pine boards on the walls, and 20mm tongue and groove boards on the roof and floor. The floor also has pressure treated floor joists and there is 25mm pressure treated verandah decking. The beauty of a log construction means no framing internally giving you uninterrupted walls and a real log cabin experience. All timber is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified to produce an environmentally friendly and quality garden building. The doors and four opening windows are fitted with a draft seal system for a cosy cabin and the door is fitted with a mortice lock. Green mineral felt is also included. The building is supplied untreated and requires a wood preservative immediately after assembly. Building dimensions are to the edge of the individual boards that make up the unit and will include the crossover of the logs. For critical dimensions use the metric values, Imperial dimensions are rounded for description only. Allowance should be made for the roof overhang and access around the outside during construction and subsequent treatment. The timber floor is included. Please note that log cabins are made up of individual log lengths to be built up one by one, not ready-made panels. Installation Available: No