50cm x 50cm Wooden Floor Tile

50cm x 50cm Wooden Floor Tile
Brand: Symple Stuff
Color: brown
Size: 50.0 H x 50.0 W x 2.4 D cm
99.99 GBP
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These tiles are ideally suited for terraces, balconies, garden bath and other outdoor areas with a flat surface. They can be easily attached to each other to cover areas of various dimensions as needed. Five tiles are required to cover an area of 1.25 square metres. The tiles can be laid in two patterns (slats laid or parallel or in a cross pattern). The acacia wood used for the construction of these tiles is oiled and weatherproof. It will take on a grey colour over time when being exposed to the weather, which can be prevented by treating the tiles with a standard hardwood caring oil. The backside of the tiles is made of unbreakable elastic plastic that is non-slip so the tiles do not need extra attachment once they are stuck together. The construction of the tiles allows for the water to run off. The wood has no direct contact with the ground below.