Emmett Pet Training Mat/Pad in White

Emmett Pet Training Mat/Pad in White
Categories: Dog, Dog Beds & Baskets
Brand: Archie & Oscar
Color: white
Size: 0.25 H x 66.04 W x 70.2 D cm
31.91 GBP
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This pet training mat/pad in white provides you with an easier solution to pet parenting. You must have run into the situation when you just cannot take your loved pets out in time: the weather can be severe with rain or snow, your pets may be too sick or too old for a walk, you are a bit too busy, and have to leave your pets alone for a couple of hours. With these training pads, you will feel much relieved. With five layers of protection, the pads lock in wetness and do not leak. The sap core layer is super absorbent. 2 Layers of tissue layers help lock in liquid. PE film on the bottom prevents leaks and keeps your floor clean. The top non-woven layer is tear-resistant so that the pads do not fall apart when scratched by your pets. Size: 66.04cm W x 70.2cm D