Bartley Hedgehog Hutch with Camera

Bartley Hedgehog Hutch with Camera
Brand: Archie & Oscar
Color: brown
Size: 25.0 H x 42.0 W x 51.0 D cm
134.99 GBP
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This hedgehog house is handmade in treated A-grade marine ply, it arrives fitted with a camera that produces a live video of the nest chamber and partial view of the entrance tunnel. The high-resolution camera with infrared (IR) night vision and audio produces black & white images in the low light levels of this hog box, color images are not obtained in this application. The weatherproof 3 core cable carries the audio, video, and 12v power. The TV connection is RCA CVBS Video (yellow) Audio (white) with optional SCART connection, a 12v regulated mains power plug is also included. This product is ready assembled and very easy to set up. It may be necessary to drill a hole through your house wall to bring the cable indoors. Observe the secret lives of hedgehogs whilst also providing a safe home for them to nest over the winter months. Cable Length: 20 Metres