8.5 L Food Storage Container

8.5 L Food Storage Container
Brand: Klarstein
Color: black,white
Size: 12.5 H x 12.5 W x 19.5 D cm
23.84 GBP
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Klarstein Stigby 2-in-1 bread bin with cutting board metal sheet bamboo Product number: 10038121 Keep your baked goods fresh and delicious: The spacious Klarstein Stigby bread bin with 8.5 liters easily holds 6 rolls or a whole loaf of bread. Of course, biscuits, cakes, pretzels or croissants also feel comfortable in the stylish retro metal bread box. The tightly fitting bamboo lid protects your treats from drying out and still allows sufficient air to circulate. The highlight: You can use the lid ideally as a cutting or serving board, which is clever, space-saving and a real eye-catcher on your dining table. Top features: 2-in-1: Large bread box with practical cutting board. Sustainable and durable: Made of sheet metal and Bamboo; Plenty of space: Spacious bread container for up to 6 rolls or a whole loaf of bread; Long fresh: Thanks to the tightly fitting lid made of breathable bamboo; Easy to clean: Wipe the box with a damp cloth and rinse the lid by hand; Retro charm: Whether in the kitchen or on the table, the bread box has properties 2-in-1: Bread box with chopping board; Capacity: 8.5 L; Ideal for one to four person houses; Shape: Rectangular Bread box material: Metal sheet; Lid material: Bamboo; Breathable bamboo for an appropriate degree of ventilation; Tightly closing lid protects against drying out Retro-look with print, for example: Fruit, tea bags and other foods, which are nic Available in gray, black, beige or white. Note: In order to optimize the durability of your bread, you should wrap it in one piece in wax paper and store it in the bread drum at room temperature. Delivery includes: 1 x bread box and 1 x lid. Dimensions: Approx. 33 x 16 x 21cm; Weight: Approx. 1.24kg