worktop Blender

worktop Blender
Brand: oneConcept
Color: green
Size: 24.0 H x 33.0 W x 28.0 D cm
42.19 GBP
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Mix delicious and vitamin-rich fruit smoothies to your personal taste. This blender makes it easier than ever. Its innovative operating design makes it particularly fast and effective. Simply place the fruit in one of the three cups, screw it on and turn the head to start the mixing process. After approximately ten to twenty seconds, your smoothie mix should be ready. You can create a morning vitamin drink in the morning in a few simple steps, completely stress-free. Thanks to the enclosed drinking lid, you can also take your smoothie with you and, for example, drink it on the way to work or to play sports. In addition, the blender is also very good for mixing and pureeing fresh sauces, dips and salad dressings with herbs and vegetables. With the three different cups you are prepared for a variety of uses. Numerous delicious recipe ideas can be found in the German manual. All individual pieces (except the motor casing with the blades) are easy to clean in the dishwasher. The blades cleaned when lightly soiled by putting some water and residue-free detergent in the small cup.