5 x 3 Double Bin Store Anthracite Grey (1.54m x 0.96m)

5 x 3 Double Bin Store Anthracite Grey (1.54m x 0.96m)
Categories: Small pets, Hamster
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5ft x 3ft Double Bin Store Anthracite Grey (1.54m x 0.96m) PRODUCT INFORMATION: HOLDS 2X 240 LITRE BINS TYPICALLY 15-2O WORKING DAY DELIVERY DOOR LOCATED ON 5ft SIDE 15 GRADE 0.3 STEEL AND PAINT FINISH VENTILATED GABLES NO CRACKS OR WARPS ROT AND RODENT PROOF STORAGE FRAME AND BASE RAILS ARE CONSTRUCTED FROM HEAVY GAUGE GALVANISED STEEL STANDARD BUILDINGS HAVE TALLEST WALL HEIGHT AVAILABLE STRAIGHTFORWARD ASSEMBLY WITH FULL INSTRUCTIONS STABLE AND WELL-BALANCED DOOR OPENING STRONG EXIT / ENTRY RAMP ACROSS THE FULL DOOR OPENING WIDTH DIMENSIONS: ROOF SIZE- 1.54M X 0.96M BASE SIZE- 1.52M X 0.92M WALL HEIGHT- 1.21M OVERALL HEIGHT- 1.21 DOOR OPENING- 1.27M X 1.21M Please note: All metal sheds and storage must be erected on a firm, level (preferably concrete) base and unless stated will not come with floor panels as standard. You will need to purchase an anchor kit from a local DIY shop to secure your metal shed to the concrete base. Please call our Sales Team if you have any questions

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