Westerley Flatweave Beige/Brown Rug

Westerley Flatweave Beige/Brown Rug
Brand: Gracie Oaks
Color: brown
Size: 120.0 W x 9.0 D cm
144.99 GBP
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Opulence is the waste of what we do not necessarily need, have in abundance and therefore treat generously. Why the filigree ornamentation of the Gothic, which never made any wall more stable. Why create a dish as a mousse, soufflé or in essence, when everything ends up in the stomach? And why the opera, the theatre and a gallery - all a pure waste of time, impractical, useful for nothing! And why a rug at all? With selected, natural materials, you get a home accessory that will accompany you forever. The dense weave gives it an extraordinary feel - you will enjoy the soft play under your hand. As we understand it, a rug is the expression of taste and finesse, of the will to counteract the practicality of everyday life. That’s why we designed so well -balanced and perfectly - that it seems like a waste: Of beauty, exclusivity and luxury. Rug Size: Rectangular 120 x 170cm