Vision planter

Vision planter
Brand: Ivy Bronx
Color: gray
Size: 71.0 H x 30.0 W x 30.0 D cm
369.99 GBP
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Treat yourself to the luxury of a garden not only outdoors, but also in your own home. Plants make the home more comfortable and can also improve the room climate. Decorated in a stylish planter, they also become an interesting focal point! Every style -conscious living room should have its own lively oasis … and when we talk about style, we are also talking about the elegant Vision planter. This is made of magnesia, which gives it its lightness and stability. Particularly noteworthy is the double -walled, integrated plant pot in the upper area of the container, as well as the gray concrete look in the outer area in the form of a striking face. Foam rubber plates have been attached to the underside so that your furniture or floor is protected from possible scratches. Bring an elegant vibrancy to your entrance or outdoor area with the Vision planter, or skilfully accentuate your living space. Beautiful home accessories give your living room that certain something. Size: 71cm H x 30cm W x 30cm D