Veg-Trough Large Wooden Raised Vegetable Bed Planter

Veg-Trough Large Wooden Raised Vegetable Bed Planter
Brand: Dakota Fields
Color: brown
Size: 80.0 H x 150.0 W x 72.0 D cm
255.99 GBP
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Now you can grow your vegetables the easy way, with the planter and matching cold frame. Made from treated timber, this unique raised bed provides the ideal base for your vegetable garden. Specially designed to provide a comfortable working height, the veg trough is ideal for creating a vegetable plot that is easily managed without bending over (great for those with bad backs) while keeping the crops safe from pests. What’s more, crops can be increased as the veg trough can be filled with compost to create the perfect growing environment - so you can be sure of a bumper harvest whatever the local soil conditions. The generously-sized wooden framed cold frame provides a place for plants to be hardened off in spring prior to planting out, and to be protected from frosts in the evening and morning in the autumn. Designed specially to fit on top of the veg trough, the cold frame has legs that protrude from the base that slot into the top of the veg trough, holding it in place. The comes to you part-assembled with a liner cut to the size you simply assemble the table, place your liner inside and position it in a sunny spot. Fill with your choices of drainage material, such as shingle or broken pieces of polystyrene, then soil or compost.