Tonquin 2.7mm Pine Laminate Flooring in Beige

Tonquin 2.7mm Pine Laminate Flooring in Beige
Brand: Natur Pur
Color: brown,green
Size: 0.27 H cm
179.99 GBP
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Install a beautiful wooden floor in your garden, patio, or next to a swimming pool with these impregnated solid pinewood decking boards. Premium material: Solid pine wood is a beautiful natural material. Treat the surface with oil, wax, lacquer, or a glazing finish for a stronger surface and easy cleaning. Pinewood has a straight grain, and the knots give the material its signature, rustic look. Retro style: Add a retro style to your current interior. Retro style is imitative or consciously derivative and inspired by lifestyles, and trends, including past and historical art forms. Easy clean: These decking boards need less maintenance and are easy to clean with a damp cloth. Note: Wood is a natural product and may show slight imperfections.