Smilla Veterinary Diet Renal - with Chicken: 8 x 100g

Smilla Veterinary Diet Renal - with Chicken: 8 x 100g
Categories: Dog, Wet Dog Food
Brand: Smilla Veterinary Diet
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Smilla Veterinary Diet Renal is a therapeutic complete wet cat food. This delicious grain-free food is formulated to suit the specific nutritional needs of adult cats with kidney disease, such as chronic renal insufficiency. It helps to relieve the pressure on the kidneys. If your cat suffers from impaired kidney function some parts of the kidney are often irreversibly damaged. The intact parts then must take over all functions. In order to relieve the kidneys, it is important to feed your cat a food that contains just a little, high-quality protein. It should also have a low phosphorus content. Smilla Veterinary Diet Renal has reduced protein and phosphorus levels. The amount of animal protein in this wet food is sufficient to meet your cat’s nutritional requirements. This cat food is made with easy to digest potatoes as a source of healthy carbohydrates. Smilla Veterinary Diet Renal dietetic food is grain-free so it is suitable for cats that are grain and gluten intolerant. Smilla Veterinary Diet Renal Wet Cat Food at a glance: Dietetic complete wet food for adult cats with kidney disease or renal insufficiency Reduced protein and phosphorus content: helps to relieve the kidneys Grain-free Top quality protein: ensures protein requirements are met With potatoes as a source of healthy, easy to digest carbohydrate No added sugar, soya or artificial additives