Royal Canin Appetite Control in Gravy - 12 x 85g

Royal Canin Appetite Control in Gravy - 12 x 85g
Categories: Dog, Wet Dog Food
Brand: Royal Canin Care Nutrition
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Being overweight can have numerous effects on your cat and its wellbeing. It not only reduces speed and agility, but can also have an impact on your cat’s health and quality of life, increasing the risk of your cat developing serious illnesses. This Royal Canin Appetite Control in Gravy has been developed for cats that struggle with their weight or have a risk of gaining weightquicker full feeling. It also offers a moderate fat content and high protein content to help your cat maintain lean muscle mass and an ideal bodyweight. Royal Canin Appetite Control in Gravy helps to maximise the full feeling without increasing the weight of the food consumed. It has also been developed with a tailored fat and calorie content. A healthy serving of food for your cat is smaller than most owners think. Knowing how much food your pet needs is essential in maintaining its overall health. Play and activity are also key to an active, healthy lifestyle - play with your cat as though its health depends on it! Royal Canin Appetite Control in Gravy at a glance: Balanced wet food for cats up to 7 years old Based on the needs of sterilised cats: with a special tailored recipe Soluble & insoluble fibre: promotes increased feelings of fullness Moderate fat & calorie contents: for a reduced energy intake Proven results*: 90% of cat owners reported reduced begging behaviour in their cats after 4 weeks of food With nutritious fibres to reduce appetite & satisfy: to leave your cat with a long-lasting full feeling Maintains muscle mass: with a high protein content Selected L.I.P. proteins: for high digestibility In practical fresh pouches: easy to serve, even when out and about *In-house Royal Canin study