Rocco Smoked Cows' Ear - 10 Chews

Rocco Smoked Cows' Ear - 10 Chews
Brand: Rocco
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Great new look: your dog’s favourite Rocco Natural chew snacks are now available in an exciting new design! During the switchover period you may receive products in either the new or old packaging style. Rocco Smoked Cows’ Ear are dried chew snacks made from 100% beef. They have been dried in a convection oven at 130 degrees, ensuring crispiness without the addition of artificial colours or preservatives. They have a high protein content and are low in carbohydrate, with a low fat content that makes these the ideal grain-free snacks for between meals. The tough, hard consistency helps to strengthen jaw and chewing muscles. This hardness helps to keep your dog entertained. As it is a natural product, each treat can vary in size and colour. These Rocco Smoked Cows’ Ear have been smoked over beechwood without any seasonings. That helps to make these Rocco Smoked Cows’ Ear crispy and offers a delicious chewing enjoyment. They are low in fat and odour, with a tough consistency that ensures long-term enjoyment. Dog owners love the high digestibility of these Rocco Smoked Cows’ Ear, and your dog will love the variety it gets from each and every treat! Rocco Smoked Cows’ Ear at a glance: 100% beef Smoked, without any artificial colours or preservatives Crispy consistency Low in odour Easy to digest Suitable for all dogs Please note: This product cannot be delivered to Switzerland.

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