Rocco Classic Saver Pack 24 x 400g - Pure Beef

Rocco Classic Saver Pack 24 x 400g - Pure Beef
Categories: Dog, Wet Dog Food
Brand: Rocco
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Rocco Classic wet dog food at a glance: Species-appropriate complete wet food for adult dogs of all breeds 100% fresh premium ingredients Grain-free recipes based on beef, without pork (The variety Game contains wild boar). Guaranteed free from low-quality animal by-products, meat meal and vegetable protein as a filler Gently prepared at a low temperature to retain all the nutrients as well as the natural meaty taste and texture No artificial additives such as colours, aromas and attractants Well accepted Rocco Classic is a complete wet food for adult dogs. It is made with fresh high-quality meat and offal. The meat and offal content is at least 70% and has been carefully prepared so as to retain its delicious hearty taste and texture, and important nutrients. Rocco Classic is a species-appropriate meal for the meat-loving dog. Rocco Classic complete wet dog is made with 100% fresh ingredients. Rocco - extremely meaty dog dinners!