Plush Soft Pet Bed Bolster Cushion in Grey

Plush Soft Pet Bed Bolster Cushion in Grey
Categories: Dog, Dog Beds & Baskets
Brand: Charles Bentley
Color: gray
Size: 25.0 H x 82.0 W x 70.0 D cm
47.34 GBP
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The pet bed will provide luxurious sleeping space for your beloved four-legged friend. Not only is the bed comfortable and soft due to its plush padding and fur lining, the stylish but neutral print will make it a classy accessory for any interior. We have also used machine-washable fabric for those rainy days when your pup just can’t keep out of the mud. Just pop it in at 30°, fluff it up and the bed will be as good as new. Each of our beds is available in three different sizes, perfect for both kittens to Labradors. We’d love to see this bed in your house.