Pet Carrier

Pet Carrier
Brand: Pertemba
Color: black
Size: 61.0 H x 45.0 W x 53.0 D cm
47.06 GBP
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You can fold-flat this metal pet carrier with plastic tray. It is ideal for people who own medium to larger sized dogs who are looking for something more sturdy than a standard plastic pet carrier. You can put the dog crate together quickly without the need for any tools, and the plastic tray makes a suitable surface to place a blanket, cushion or towel for your dogs comfort during travel. Made from durable steel with a non-toxic black powder coating for rust resistance. The plastic tray is removable to allow for easy cleaning and keeping a clean environment for your pet. The cage is designed to be placed in your cars boot space and helps to restrain your dog and reduce driver distraction while the vehicle is in motion.