Pet bed for small, medium, self-heating and breathable

Pet bed for small, medium, self-heating and breathable
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Small, medium, self-heating and breathable pet bed Specifications: One, M size: 54*42 cm, suitable for 10 kg pets Brown color Comfort and safety: Our dog beds are made with high quality materials and the cushions are very soft, providing comfort and excellent insulation. Waterproof and moisture-proof, keep your pet warm all year round. Create comfortable and practical beds. Comfort: Our high-quality beds are perfect for pets who like to snuggle up. Anatomical design with raised, comfortable edges allows pets to rest their head. Raised edges create a sense of security and provide head and neck support, while super soft padding helps relieve joint and muscle pain. Easy to care for: washable orthopedic bed machine. Elegant appearance, raised design. Easy to clean, quick and safe to dry, and breathable. Welcome to meet