Perla Wine Cooler

Perla Wine Cooler
Brand: Edzard
Color: gray
Size: 22.0 H x 18.0 W x 23.0 D cm
175.99 GBP
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These highly polished, silver-plated sparkling wine coolers and champagne bowls will enable you to serve elegantly chilled champagne, wine, prosecco or sparkling wine just like a sommelier in a luxury hotel. Thanks to the double-walled design, the ice-filled coolers remain cold for an extra-long time. The high-quality, partly smooth, partly hammered finish makes coolers a real talking point at any social event. Present your cold drinks in style - beer, wine, sparkling wine or champagne will stay refreshingly cool, as the ice cubes can last up to 16 hours. It’s the most elegant way to serve drinks. This beautiful cooler will make a great centrepiece for any party. When it’s filled with ice, bottles will remain cool for up to 16 hours. This allows you to offer your guests a little luxury as well as cold drinks. With robust and high-quality workmanship, this versatile cooler is suitable for commercial use in hotels and restaurants, as well as for private use, for parties - and it can even be used outdoors. It also makes a perfect present - either for a friend or even as a treat for yourself. Any recipient would be thrilled with this wine chiller.