P100 Push-pull Toggle Clamp - Brauer

P100 Push-pull Toggle Clamp - Brauer
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Brauer: P100 Push-pull Toggle Clamp Features: Comfortable, cushioned PVC orange handle grips. With flanged base and fixed position spindle. Specification: The main components are of zinc plated and passivated steel. Rivets are of stainless steel, which burnishes and work-hardens with use. All clamps are supplied with mounting nut and lock nut. MPN: P100 Push-pull Toggle Clamp Attributes: Clamp Type: Nose or flange mounting Handle Movement: 190° Height: 96mm Length: 68mm MFR Part No.: P100 Nominal Holding Force: 100decanewton Style: Steel Push-Pull Clamps Supplied With: MB0625 Setscrew & Nut Mounting Bracket & Locknut Type: Manual Clamp Weight: 0.15kg Width: 44mm