Lucious Buffet 4 Door 2 Drawer Sideboard

Lucious Buffet 4 Door 2 Drawer Sideboard
Brand: Brambly Cottage
Color: brown,white
Size: 85.0 H x 145.0 W x 50.0 D cm
1399.99 GBP
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A go-anywhere design, dining room buffet for storing dinner party essentials. Home office hero for paperwork and colouring crayons. Hallway sideboard for tidying away everyday essentials and displaying a fresh bouquet. Or even a kitchen staple, like a scaled-down dresser. They have exposed its wooden top surface and treated it with a deep and dark wood stain that bounces the light. Also distressed the paintwork slightly so it channels a wonderful pre-loved vibe. Cupboard love, two spacious cupboards are what give this piece its true storage potential. Inside is shelving, two layers in fact, so you can make the most of the space. And don?t forget the drawers on top. This buffet is versatile. It?s in the detail, where to begin? Every piece within the collection has a classic silhouette which features a moulded plinth at its base and flared cornice on top. The antiqued hardware is in the form of traditional cup handle and button knob with exposed bolts to match. And then there?s the period-style panelling and bevelled drawer fronts.