Kitano 9 Piece Knife Block Set

Kitano 9 Piece Knife Block Set
Brand: Klarstein
Color: black,gray,white
Size: 23.0 H x 20.0 W x 8.5 D cm
50.54 GBP
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This 9 piece knife block set with bamboo cutting board will bring the wonderful tastes and smells of the Far East into your kitchen. The best tastes and ingredients always require the best preparation and with these high-quality knives you will be preparing ultra-fine sashimi, tender Julienne strips or filleted beef medallions in no time. A clean cut prevents meat, fish and vegetables from losing too much water and becoming dried out and inedible. Of course, meat is not the same as vegetables and different fibres and consistencies allow for a wide variety of preparation options. Seven different blade shapes made from tempered blade steel make for the perfect tools for chopping, boning, filleting, mincing and dicing. Due to their light weight and ergonomically slim-shaped handles, the precision blades are safe to use, even for those with smaller hands. Included with the set is a sturdy cutting board made of high quality bamboo. A stainless steel fixture on the underside of the wooden knife block allows for easy storing of the handy work surface, meaning it is always within reach and ready to be used with your knives. The slim shape of the stylish wooden block means it does not take up much space and it impresses with its processing in a steel theme in the rear holder. The top Plexiglas cover emphasises the cube shape while also ensuring the hygienic storage of the knives.