Karlie Dog Cage

Karlie Dog Cage
Brand: Archie & Oscar
Color: white
Size: 76.5 H x 107.5 W x 70.5 D cm
167.99 GBP
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This dog crate with 2 doors from Karlie allows you to give your dog a place of tis own. Also you can be sure that nothing breaks in the house. Suitable for dog: This dog crate provides your dog with a place of his own. Also, you can place a wonderfully soft bench cushion here, which contributes to extra comfort.Easy to store: This pet crate with 2 doors is collapsible and therefore it is easy to store.Easy to carry: Using the added handle of the metal crate, you can easily lift and move the folded dog bench.Convenient to clean: The loose plastic place at the bottom of the crate ensures that you can easily clean the pet crate.Luxurious look: The black color of the metal cage provides a luxurious look. Size: 76.5cm H x 107.5cm W x 70.5cm D, Colour: White