Jay-Be Simply Kids Foam Open Coil Sprung Mattress

Jay-Be Simply Kids Foam Open Coil Sprung Mattress
Brand: Jay-Be
Size: 16.0 H cm
114.99 GBP
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Designed specifically for children, this is hypoallergenic and constructed with a spring core. Topped with a High-Density Eco-insulator to prevent spring feel, and breathable e-Fibre comfort layers for durability and comfort, it offers substantial support for growing bones and muscles. Unlike, the unique structure of e-Fibre enables the free flow of air through the, actively reducing moisture build-up and helping to regulate body temperature. e-fiber is also free from harmful VOC emissions. The e-Fibre comfort layers used in these children’s are made from plastic bottles, diverting over 70 million from going into landfills or our oceans, and by choosing this you are helping to prevent even more. Vacuum packed and rolled to maintain freshness and reduce carbon emissions during transportation. All are backed by a five-year manufacturer’s guarantee. Size: European Single (90 x 200 cm)