Henry Wag - Waterproof Dog Coat - Medium (45 Cm) Blue / Grey

Henry Wag - Waterproof Dog Coat - Medium (45 Cm) Blue / Grey
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Allows owners to spend longer outdoors with their dogs and minimises the impact of dirt and water in the car and on returning home. It is designed to keep your dog dry and warm during outdoor adventures and features a layer of insulation filling to give some protection from the cold. The materials in our coat include Hydro-Comfort technology making the material breathable and waterproof to provide maximum comfort for your dog. Contemporary colour combinations and detail stitching provide a most stylish coat. Waterproof, breathable and insulated for maximum comfort. Chest panel for additional weather protection, incorporating a strong waist webbing strap with reflective stitching. Adjustable collar for a snug fit. Elastic head hole ensure broad headed breeds can be easily dressed. Elastic leg straps to ensue the coat remains in position. Lead and harness access slot with protective flap cover. Reflective stripe along the side of the coat for night-time visibility.

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