Hairdresser with Mirror and Screw Man Place Card Holder

Hairdresser with Mirror and Screw Man Place Card Holder
Categories: Bird, Bird Food
Brand: Steelman 24
Color: gray
Size: 18.0 H x 10.0 W x 13.0 D cm
71.99 GBP
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The hairdresser makes his customer really pretty. Sitting in front of the rear mirror, he can examine the hairdresser’s work. The screw men and metal figures are made in original quality, elaborately and lovingly handcrafted. Due to this kind of processing, every single one is unique and meets the highest quality standards. These small screw figurines are manufactured with high craftsmanship and much love for detail from screws, nuts, metal and copper, in an intensive and complex manufacturing process. They captivate not only by their extraordinary creativity but also by their unique attention to detail. There are no limits to ideas and creativity in the development of the figures and objects. More than 500 different creations from all areas of life testify to this skill. We hold up a mirror to everyday life and use it to create little gems that inspire young and old alike. This is one of the reasons why the steel figures and objects are ideal as an unusual gift idea - whether for a birthday, name day, as a token of love or as a guest gift - for every occasion. The screw men you always have a special kind of gift idea.