Eukanuba Sterilised/Weight Control Adult - 2kg

Eukanuba Sterilised/Weight Control Adult - 2kg
Categories: Dog, Dry Dog Food
Brand: Eukanuba
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Sterilised and castrated indoor cats can be particularly prone to weight gain and may require a little extra help with controlling their bodyweight. This Eukanuba Sterilised/Weight Control Adult has been perfectly tailored to meet the needs of overweight sterilised cats. The kibble has a reduced fat content and helps to make weight management easier. The balanced recipe of this Eukanuba Sterilised/Weight Control Adult is rich in animal protein, which can help to support lean muscle mass maintenance. It also contains prebiotics and fibre to promote normal digestion. Omega fatty acids can also contribute to skin and coat health. Eukanuba Sterilised/Weight Control Adult provides your cat with essential antioxidants, which help to support a healthy immune system. Eukanuba Sterilised/Weight Control Adult at a glance: Tailored dry food for adult cats over 1 year old Ideal for castrated and sterilised cats that are overweight or prone to weight gain Complete and balanced: suitable as a complete daily food Weight management: reduced fat content to support weight control, suitable for long-lasting weight loss and to help maintain an ideal weight 86% animal protein: as a proportion of the total protein content, helping to build and maintain lean muscle With chicken: delicious source of high-quality protein Supports the immune system: antioxidants from vitamin E boost normal immune system function With prebiotics and fibre: can support healthy digestion and a balanced intestinal flora Tailored magnesium content: to support a healthy urinary tract With omega fatty-acids: for healthy skin and glossy coat No wheat: suitable for cats with allergies or intolerances Teeth bones: contains essential minerals and a special kibble shape to promote dental abrasion to remove plaque and tartar Developed together with vets No GMOs, flavours or colours