Enge Stake

Enge Stake
Brand: Ophelia & Co.
Color: white
Size: 100.0 H x 18.5 W x 13.0 D cm
64.99 GBP
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Do you like to watch birds and want to do something good for your feathered garden visitors? Then offer sparrows, titmice, and co. with the birdbath a nice opportunity to drink, feed or bathe. The ground spike allows the wild birdbath to be placed flexibly in the garden. Simply stick the birdbath into the ground and fill it with water or bird food. The material of the birdbath is weatherproof and can remain outside even in winter. Make sure that the water is replaced regularly and you rinse the bowl once a week with hot water. Please do not use detergent. The optimal place is 3 m away from adjacent bushes to be prepared for predators like cats. Colour: White