Dumont Elevated Feeder

Dumont Elevated Feeder
Brand: Archie & Oscar
Color: brown
Size: 11.0 H x 34.6 W x 18.3 D cm
74.99 GBP
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Drinking and eating food in an inclined position often causes hiccups, aspiration and can even lead to gastric torsion. In addition, it puts a strain on the joints, which causes particular discomfort to elderly dogs and those suffering from arthritis. Fortunately, there is a solution to that - a stand for dog bowls. Thanks to it, your pet will eat in a healthy position, reducing the risk of many diseases. We offer a bowl stand for a large, medium and small dog to provide every pet with full comfort during daily meals. A small investment in a simple stand for bowls gives you the chance to limit visits to the vet, protect the pet against stress and pain, as well as save on treatment costs. On the other hand, if joint problems have already arisen, a wooden dog bowl stand will not cause any additional strain, and will instead bring relief to your pet.

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