Dulin Dog Sofa in Light Brown

Dulin Dog Sofa in Light Brown
Brand: Archie & Oscar
Color: brown
Size: 16.5 H x 63.8 W x 51.0 D cm
104.99 GBP
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Even if your dog likes to take a nap on a chilly floor, it still needs a comfortable place for a longer sleep and rest. Would you like to arrange a private spot for your pet where it can relax and sleep well? The wooden dog bed was created to provide puppies as well as small and medium-sized dogs with space where they can feel safe and comfortable. Application of animal-friendly materials and an optimal design create the perfect combination of comfort and aesthetics.Thanks to the 2 sizes both the smallest and medium-sized dog can freely lie down on the bedding and stretch after a long nap.Not sure which size to go for? The ideal dog bed should be longer than your pet so that it does not restrict movement. At the same time it cannot give too much space, otherwise your dog will feel insecure. Size: 16.5cm H x 63.8cm W x 51cm D