Dubai Marina Bay - Wrapped Canvas Photograph Print

Dubai Marina Bay - Wrapped Canvas Photograph Print
Brand: lightbox-multicolor
Size: 40.0 H x 60.0 W x 4.5 D cm
337.66 GBP
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Light up your Rooms - beautify your home with this bright picture. Treat yourself to something special and bring colour into your home and business premises with illuminated picture. Set the scene in your living room and bedroom or upgrade your reception room in a simple but impressive way. Due to the expressive motifs and the impressive lighting, the picture fits perfectly into any ambience. Illuminated pictures are not only a highlight in your own four walls, but also an extraordinary gift idea. The LED image is immediately ready for use. The illuminated image can be hung on a wall and used immediately after delivery. Suitable fastenings are already attached to the illuminated picture. The illuminated picture unfolds its full splendour in slightly darkened rooms. But even with the lighting switched off, the picture enriches every room with its beautiful motif. Size: 40cm H x 60cm W x 4.5cm D, Frame Option: Without lighting