Dog Crate Cover

Dog Crate Cover
Brand: vidaXL
Size: 64.0 W cm
47.99 GBP
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This large dog crate cover from DISTRICT70 ensures a safe enclosed environment for your dog while resting from a busy day. The crate cover provides privacy. It avoids distracting your dog from any outside activity. Also, this dog’s crate cover perfectly blends in with your furniture! Safety for your pet: This crate cover has been thoughtfully designed to ensure your fluffy new arrival has everything they need to transition from their first home to their forever home.Functional nice crate cover: The stylish crate cover encloses the entire crate, but the zip makes it possible to close off the front or sideways and the other way around. When you have a double door crate, you can choose between which opening you want to be covered. Handy storage pocket: On one side of the cover you will find a sachet where you can store some small toys.Excellent materials: The crate cover is made of canvas and cotton. Also, it is easy to mount with the help of the zips. Note:Cotton fabric is well known for its shrinking characteristic, that’s why it is recommend only to wash the cover by hand and not in the washing machine. Size: 52cm H x 64cm W x 48cm D