DISTRICT70 Slow Feeder

DISTRICT70 Slow Feeder
Brand: vidaXL
Size: 5.3 H x 21.0 W x 21.0 D cm
24.99 GBP
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This stylish anti-gulp slow feeder for dogs from DISTRICT70 is perfectly suitable for dogs that finish their food too soon. The obstacles force them to eat their food slower and ensure they fill their tummy less quickly! Practical anti-gulp food bowl for dogs: When a dog is gobbling food, it swallows air along with their food which can cause pain and discomfort like gagging or barking. The stylish and practical bamboo pet slow feeder offers a way to make your dog eat slower. Eating more peacefully: With this pet food distributor, your dog will have to make more effort to eat his kibble or wet food. By eating slowly, your dog will gulp less and gets a fuller feeling faster, this also ensures better digestion. Cool bamboo design: The food bowl has a non-slip bottom so that it stays in place while eating. The stylish dog feeder is made of bamboo and therefore completely safe for your four-legged friend. Note:The 21 cm slow feeder is suitable for dog breeds such as the Cocker Spaniel, Beagle, Shiba Inu, Dachshund or Jack Russell breed.

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