Deluxe Double Treat 1L Ice Cream Maker

Deluxe Double Treat 1L Ice Cream Maker
Brand: Koolatron Europe
Color: green
Size: 4.0 H x 9.5 W x 12.7 D cm
24.22 GBP
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Make two flavors at once of homemade ice cream at:The Total Chef® Double Treat Ice Cream Maker lets you make two different recipes at the same time. Add your favorite ingredients, using the automatic pre-mixing mode if needed, and place the compact unit in your freezer. The thermal sensor will automatically start and stop the mixing cycle when the contents reach the appropriate temperatures and your ice cream will be ready to enjoy in 4-6 hours.Fresh frozen desserts made just the way you want:The Double Treat Ice Cream Maker puts you in complete control. Use your choice of dairy or non-dairy base and your favourite fresh ingredients with no extra or additives. Serve dessert to your family with the peace of mind that comes from knowing exactly what went into it. Try out all the recipes in the included recipe booklet and start a new family tradition that everyone will enjoy!Tips for Best Use:Always use room temperature or colder ingredients.Use heavy whipping cream for fastest ice cream making; milk, half-and-half cream, and dairy substitutes will increase the mixing time needed.Fill mixing chambers 2/3 full to prevent overflow and produce creamier ice cream.