Danfoss Radiator Thermostat Ras-C2 Combi Pack Sensor & Trv Valve 15Mm, White

Danfoss Radiator Thermostat Ras-C2 Combi Pack Sensor & Trv Valve 15Mm, White
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Brand: Danfoss
Color: white
Size: 9.8 H x 5.8 W x 10.2 D cm
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Danfoss Radiator Thermostat RAS-C2 Combi Pack Sensor & TRV Valve 15mm, WhiteThe stylish RAS-C2 sensor is packaged together with the innovative flow selectable RA-FS bi-directional valve body which can be mounted either vertically or horizontally in flow or return. If the water hammer is experienced a patented flow selection device within the valve can be turned to reverse the water directly inside the valve without the need to drain down the system. A quick and easy solution to an otherwise expensive problem.The RAS-C2 sensor, based upon the tried and tested liquid sensor actuator, is compact and provides highly accurate temperature control. Sensor mounting requires no tools, simply press the sensor onto the valve body and hand tighten a clamping ring to secure. The sensor incorporates a frost protection setting and a positive off feature, useful if radiators need to be removed for decoration. RAS-C2. sensors are compatible with RA-FS flow selectable bi-directional valves, RA-FN, RA-N and RA-G valve bodies.The thermostatic radiator valve might be a small product, but it has huge potential to make real energy savings. Replacing an old manual valve with a new thermostatic valve can save as much as 100 kg CO2 a year, which equals driving roughly 480 kilometres in your car. If you preset the valve, the potential is even higher The payback time is very short - less than 2 years -, which makes upgrading TRVs an efficient way to easily achieve big energy savings in our homes.Features:Unique patented flow selectable bi-directional valveStylish sensorCompact and easy to fitAngled and straight versionsAvailable in convenient combi packsRadiator packs with matching lockshield valves are also availableAvailable in 8/10 and 15mm sizes, plus 10mm push-fit elbow versionInstallation of a valve: The valve is a bi-directional valve * and can be installed horizontally or vertically in either the flow or the return pipe. A built-in flow direction selection feature can be used to eliminate the risk of a water hammer.Close all radiator valves by turning the valve cover cap clockwise. Leave system to cool.Start boiler/heating.Open one valve and determine the flow direction. Which pipe heats first?Remove cap and turn setting ring according to the drawings - the setting ring is turned by hand only.Repeat steps 3 and 4 until all valves have been set correctly. The sensor may now be fitted or the valve cap temporarily refittedInstallation of Sensor:Remove the cap from the valve and turn the sensor toMake sure the union nut is turned loosely up towards the sensor body until it is only slightly free of the lower part of the sensor body.Press the sensor firmly onto the valve. (Sensor horizontal: ensuring that the scale pointer is at the top.) (Sensor vertical: ensuring that the scale pointer is at the front.)Whilst holding the sensor firmly on the valve secure connection by turning the union nut clockwise by hand.Whilst still holding the sensor firmly on the valve fully tighten grey union nut using parrot nose pliers.Set desired room temperature.Specifics:Connection type to valve: ADesign: AngleRLV type: no RLVSensor design: RAS-C2Sensor media: LiquidSensor setting temperature [°C] [Max]: 28 °CSensor setting temperature [°C] [Min]: 8 °CSensor type: Built-in sensorType: RAS-C2 + BidirValve size: 15 mmValve type: BidirBox Contains:1x RAS-C2 sensor1x RA-FS 15 mm bi-directional angle valve