Cosma Nature 6 x 70g - Chicken with Chicken Ham

Cosma Nature 6 x 70g - Chicken with Chicken Ham
Categories: Dog, Wet Dog Food
Brand: Cosma
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Cosma Nature supplementary wet cat food at a glance: 75% meat content: easy to digest and provides your carnivorous cat with lots of species-appropriate protein Fresh ingredients cooked in their natural juices: preserves the nutrients and makes for a delicious, juicy meal Suitable for sensitive cats: Cosma Nature is made from a few carefully selected ingredients, making it ideal for fussy cats or those with food intolerances No additives: each recipe is 100% free from artificial preservatives, flavourings and colourings Cosma Nature complimentary wet food provides your cat with a species-appropriate meal and there is a tasty selection of flavours to choose from: Mix 1: 1 can each of Skipjack Tuna, Chicken Fillet, Salmon, Tuna with Shrimps, Chicken Breast with Tuna, Chicken with Chicken Ham Mix 2: 1 can each of Pacific Tuna, Tuna with Anchovy, Chicken Breast with Shrimps, Chicken with Tuna Cheese, Tuna with Lamb, Tuna with Beef Chicken Fillet - tender chicken fillet for cats that love pure meat Skipjack Tuna - juicy light coloured tuna, the classic choice Pacific Tuna - delicious light and dark tuna meat Tuna with Anchovy - tasty tuna with whole anchovies Chicken with Tuna Cheese - tasty tuna, tender chicken and yummy cheese Salmon - delicate pieces of delicious salmon Chicken Breast with Shrimps - tender chicken with tasty shrimps Chicken Breast with Tuna - a tasty duo of tender chicken and light tuna chunks Chicken with Chicken Ham - tender chicken with hearty chicken ham Tuna with Shrimps - strips of light tuna with shrimps Tuna with Lamb - delicious tuna with tender lamb Tuna with Beef - delicious tuna with hearty beef Cosma Nature is a supplementary natural wet cat food with an exceptionally high 75% meat or fish content. With a wide range of delicious varieties, all ingredients are gently cooked in their own juices, preserving their natural flavours and nutrients. Cosma Nature - a natural, pure delight for your cat!