'Clean as a New Pin' Painting

'Clean as a New Pin' Painting
Categories: Dog, Puppy Products
Brand: East Urban Home
Color: green
Size: 40.0 H x 34.5 W x 3.8 D cm
25.99 GBP
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Clean as a New Pin by George Hillyard Swinstead. Produced on 280gsm fine art paper designed for museum-quality reproductions. The paper has a gently textured matt surface making it especially well suited for giclée reproductions of art prints and paintings.

  • The 12-colour giclée printing process
  • 280gsm fine art paper
  • Includes a minimum border of 5cm (2 inches) on each side to aid mounting
  • Made in the UK
  • Product Type: Painting
  • Primary Art Material (Format: Unframed Paper, Framed Paper): Paper
    • Primary Art Material Details:
  • Primary Art Material (Format: Wrapped Canvas): Canvas
    • Primary Art Material Details:
  • Colour: Green
  • Number of Items Included: 1
  • Artist: George Hillyard Swinstead
  • Orientation: Vertical
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Fire Resistant: No
  • Wall Mounting Hardware: No
    • Number of Wall Hooks:
  • Built-in Lighting: No
    • Bulb Type:
    • Bulb Included:
    • Power Source:
  • Plug Included: No
    • Hard-wired Plug Type:
    • Adapter Type:
  • Country of Origin: United Kingdom
  • Subject: Animals;People
  • Plants & Flowers: Not Flowers
  • Transportation Type: Not Transportation
  • Other Transportation Type: No
  • Sports & Sports Teams: Not Sports & Sports Teams
  • Other Sports & Sports Teams: No
  • Nature Scenes: Not Nature Scenes
  • Other Nature Scenes: No
  • Food & Beverage: Not Food & Beverage
  • Other Food & Beverage: No
  • Entertainment and Fashion: Not Entertainment & Fashion
  • Other Entertainment: No
  • U.S. States and Territories: Not U.S. States and Territories
  • Cities: Not Cities
  • Other Cities: No
  • Countries: Not Countries
  • Other Countries: No
  • Fantasy & Sci-Fi: Not Fantasy & Sci-Fi
  • Other Fantasy & Sci-Fi: No
  • World Cultures: Not World Cultures
  • Other World Cultures: No
  • Abstract and Fractals: Not Abstract and Fractals
  • Other Abstract: No
  • Religion & Spirituality: Not Religion & Spirituality
  • Inspirational Quotes & Sayings: Not Inspirational Quotes & Sayings
  • Maps: Not Maps
  • Education: Not Education
  • Architecture: Not Architecture
  • Advertisements: Not Advertisements
  • Astrology: Not Astrology
  • Framed (Format: Framed Paper): Yes
    • Frame Construction:
    • Frame Material (Format: Framed Paper): Wood
    • Frame Colour (Format: Framed Paper): Black
  • Framed (Format: Unframed Paper): No
    • Frame Construction:
    • Frame Material:
    • Frame Colour:
  • Framed (Format: Wrapped Canvas): No
    • Frame Construction:
    • Frame Material:
    • Frame Colour:
  • Open Format Type (Format: Unframed Paper): Open Frame/Gallery Wrapped
  • Open Format Type (Format: Wrapped Canvas): Open Frame/Gallery Wrapped
  • Open Format Type (Format: Framed Paper):
  • Purposeful Distressing Type: No Distressing
  • Life Stage:
  • Holiday / Occasion: No Holiday
  • Art Technique: Oil Painting
  • Grouped Set Type: Single Piece Item
  • Multi Piece Art: No
  • Art Production Method: Machine Made
  • Hand-Painted Art: No
  • Supplier Free-text Keywords: 2,2 people,adorable,adrenaline,amazed,amazement,animal,animal babies,animals,art,artwork,astonishment,baby animal,british,british (period or style),canid,canidae,canine,canis familiaris,caucasian,caucasian ethnicity,child,children,cute,cuteness,daily life,dog,dogs,domestic animal,domestic dog,domestic dogs,domesticated animal,energetic,energy,enthusiasm,enthusiastic,european (period or style),everyday scene,everyday scenes,excited,excitement,exciting,exhilarated,exhilarating,exhilaration,expression,exuberance,exuberant,facial expression,females,fervent,fervor,fine art,fineart,george hillyard swinstead,girl,girls,grin,grinning,human,human being,kid,kids,liveliness,lively,mammal,meeting,painting,paintings,pair,people,pet,pets,puppies,puppy,smile,smiling,spirited,surprise,surprised,surprising,toddler,two,two people,two people only,verve,victorian,victorian (period or style),vigor,vigour,visual arts,western european (period or style),white ethnicity,whites,wonder,work of art,works of art,young,young animal,youngster,zeal,zealous,zest
  • Title: Clean as a New Pin
  • Batteries Needed: No
    • Battery Type:
    • Number of Batteries:
  • Embellishments/Special Finishes:
    • Embellishment Effect: Flat
    • Embellishment Type:
    • Technique:
  • Frame Type (Format: Unframed Paper): Unframed
  • Frame Type (Format: Wrapped Canvas): Wrapped Canvas
  • Frame Type (Format: Framed Paper): Picture Frame
  • ADA Compliant:
  • ISTA 3A or 6A