Burns Alert - Lamb & Brown Rice - 12kg

Burns Alert - Lamb & Brown Rice - 12kg
Categories: Dog, Dry Dog Food
Brand: Burns
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Looking for assistance dog food? You’ve come to the right place. Our special Alert diet comes in two varieties and contains increased levels of antioxidants and added salmon oil to support calm brain function. The Burns Alert assistance dog food range has been specially formulated to help assistance dogs perform tasks that require them to be calm and attentive. Developed by veterinary surgeon John Burns, a creator of quality dog food since 1993, this Burns Alert - Lamb Brown Rice offers the ideal dry food for a working dog. It is made with a range of simple, natural ingredients that are specifically chosen to benefit your dog, including salmon oil and green tea extract to support healthy brain function and boost alertness. Burns Alert - Lamb Brown Rice has been specially formulated to ensure your dog can perform required tasks in a calm, attentive way, boosting alertness and improving performance. Burns Alert - Lamb Brown Rice is made with only natural ingredients, with no troublesome additions that could cause your dog issues. It is made with antioxidant-rich ingredients and is highly digestible, as well as being an economical option for providing your dog with all the nutrients it needs. Burns Alert - Lamb Brown Rice at a glance: Complete dry food for active dogs Natural: made with fine, natural ingredients rich in antioxidants Delicious: with a recipe containing hearty lamb and nutritious brown rice, for good acceptance, unbeatable flavour and beneficial protein For good brain function: designed specifically to boost brain function and alertness in working dogs Hypoallergenic: so that even sensitive dogs can benefit from this balanced meal Highly digestible: this also makes it very economical, and ensures minimal stool production Free from troublesome ingredients View our range of Burns Wet Dog Food using the link below: Burns Wet Dog Food