Briana Small Animal Run

Briana Small Animal Run
Categories: Dog, Puppy Products
Brand: Archie & Oscar
Color: black
Size: 73.0 H x 143.0 W x 36.0 D cm
33.99 GBP
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Flexible playpen for small animals and puppies. The 12 metal wire sheets can be assembled freely (the angle between two layers can only be fixed at 90 ° or 180 °). You can build a more massive playpen with a low height or double the height by stacking for a smaller floor area. Flexible and practical the enclosure can be set up quickly and easily for various small animals. You can watch your pets from all sides and keep an eye on the little rascals. Safe but straightforward enclosure. As a simple, small animal enclosure, it is safe for both humans and animals. The non-slip mats can be attached to the connector bottom as feet. As a result, the playpen does not slip on smooth floors, such as wooden or other hard floors. Also, 24 cable ties are included to connect the sheets with more stability. So you can move the enclosure safely and efficiently from one place to another.