8' x 6' Tiger Elite Pressure-Treated Octagonal Vista

8' x 6' Tiger Elite Pressure-Treated Octagonal Vista
Brand: Tiger Sheds
Color: green
Size: 272.0 H x 188.2 W x 248.2 D cm
3399.99 GBP
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If you’re looking for a building that is as protective as it is stylish, then look no further. With its unique design and timber, the Pressure Treated Octagonal Vista Shed is as elegant as sturdy. A truly stunning feature for any garden, this building’s unique design sets it apart as one of our most eye-catching structures. The octagonal shape and large windows allow you to see your surroundings from different viewpoints, and the building is topped off with a Full Pane style door, and elegant Full Pane side windows for lots of light and sunshine. The timber has been pressure treated and provides absolute protection against decay and insect attack. This also ensures the building has a greatly extended life, guaranteed for 20 years. Sturdy and rigid, this building is built to last and the simulated slate roof really encapsulates the whole design. This design really does provide a touch of elegance, and guaranteed to last, it will remain the focal point of your garden for years to come. Sit back and admire the view.