50cm Dumas Cat Perch

50cm Dumas Cat Perch
Brand: Archie & Oscar
Color: brown
Size: 49.8 H x 44.0 W x 40.0 D cm
95.99 GBP
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This cat tree is used to the full for every cat’s mood, can offer your cat enough space. Strong and durable for long-term use. It will suit any decor. The cat scratching tree will also give your cats the chance to stretch and exercise, especially in the cold winter months when they are stuck indoors. The plush, carpeted scratch pole is wrapped in sisal rope, which is highly comfortable and convenient for your feline friend to sharpen their claws. Our cat tree is designed with a small cosy bed for your cat to take a nap or a load off. It also has 2 hanging balls to keep your little friend entertained. Three removable leaves also give the cat tree a tropical flavour. The base of this cat scratching tree is sturdy and stable.With this high-quality cat tree, your cats can scratch, perch, hide, climb and relax to their heart’s content.