4 Piece 80Th Pinata Set

4 Piece 80Th Pinata Set
Brand: Fax Potato
Size: 50.0 H x 35.0 W x 7.5 D cm
50.99 GBP
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Turn any party, function, or celebration into a bona fide fiesta with a range of pinatas! Most commonly associated with Mexico, the concept of a container being broken to reveal treats and treasures has a long, rich history across all corners of the globe, from ancient celebrations of the Chinese new year to the danish SLA Katten of London and countless countries and cultures in between. This collection from grants you an invitation to that proud tradition, with a variety of shapes, styles, and vibrant colours designed to perfectly suit and celebrate any person, personality or occasion. Crafted from cardboard, these decorative pieces are lightweight enough to be hung from any ceiling or surface. A cut-out opening in the top allows you to fill the pinata with your choice of sweets, candy, or any other treasure, which your guests can then take turns attempting to unleash! Don’t be fooled - they may be light, but these pinatas will certainly make you work for your reward! This set also comes complete with a complimenting buster stick and blindfold set for the ultimate pinata party setup!