36" Zero Gravity Adjustable Bed with Wireless Remote

36" Zero Gravity Adjustable Bed with Wireless Remote
Brand: White Noise
Size: 36.0 H x 90.0 W x 200.0 D cm
839.99 GBP
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Applied sleep science. With the experience gathered over the past 30 years, this bed frame combines intelligent technology and ergonomic design to create the best conditions for restful nights and deep sleep. Sleep is no longer what it used to be. It really has to be a real treat. The bed becomes an important part of your overall health and lifestyle. The bed frame can not only meet medical needs but also offer many advantages in daily life. With the included wireless remote control, you can adjust the bed frame and adjust the sleeping position anywhere in the bedroom. The electrically adjustable bed frame offers you ergonomic support for sitting and lying down, which relieves body and joint pain and can reduce moderate snoring. When you lift your feet over the heart, the weightless position is created, which simulates the weightless “ZG” mode. In this position, most of the pressure on the back is removed and at the same time, blood circulation is increased, which makes breathing easier and allows for a comfortable sleeping position. A fixed rod at the end of the bed prevents the mattress from slipping when the bed is adjusted. It is also equipped with support feet at two heights (you can also plug them together to get a new height).