3 Piece Storage Jar Set

3 Piece Storage Jar Set
Categories: Bird, Bird Food
Brand: Rosalind Wheeler
Size: 21.5 H x 11.0 W x 11.0 D cm
11.75 GBP
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Are you looking for a handy item to store your food or other small household goods in an easy and safe manner? Then you’ll love these embossed teardrop design storage jars. These storage jars are the ideal place to keep your food and items protected and secure. You can use these for a variety of different items including cookies, sweets, rice, pasta, cereal, nuts and a whole lot more. They can even be used as a money-collecting jar to save up your pennies for a greater cause. Made out of beautifully designed strong material they will add a measure of elegance and charm to your kitchen perfectly delivering a must buy a household accessory for all those kitchen and home organizers. They are manufactured out of high-quality food-grade materials so they’re safe for all food, easy to clean and won’t break easily. Equipped with an airtight lid these jars will keep your food fresher, and tastier, for longer. They come in an option of 3 sizes so pick the one that suits you.